Identifying Brain Changes Associated With Compulsive Hoarding

This project will help to 1) identify specific brain regions associated with the cognitive problems underlying compulsive hoarding, 2) allow us to compare the brain activation patterns of compulsive ... more

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Rediscovering Lost Engineering Techniques: Geotechnical Investigation of Ancient Embankments

Two approaches will be used identify embankment construction techniques: (1) establish a detailed chronology of construction using optically stimulated luminescence for each embankment stratum and (2... more

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Wheelchair Design Reborn to Express Dancer’s Moves

The project, initiated by Merry Lynn Morris, MFA, a faculty member in the University of South Florida’s College of Arts, had the full and supportive collaboration of the USF College of Engineering ... Learn more

"It's an innovative approach that I think we should be encouraging."

US Representative Rush Holt

Diversity of Interactions in a Tropical Rain Forest

Over half of all described organisms in the world are involved in plant-insect-parasite interactions, yet basic ecological assumptions about diversity of these interactions still lack quantitative te... more

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Embedding Intelligent Mobile Sensor Networks in the Environment

We seek to continue developing sensing technology to place in the environment to measure change in the environment. The change can be man-made or natural. The sensor networks can measure chemicals, t... more

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